Multiplicity and concentration of nontrivial nonnegative solutions for a fractional Choquard equation with critical exponent

Rev. R. Acad. Cienc. Exactas Fís. Nat. Ser. A Mat. RACSAM 114, no. 1, Paper No. 33, 35 pp

In present paper, we study the fractional Choquard equation $$\varepsilon^{2s}(-\Delta)^s u+V(x)u=\varepsilon^{\mu-N}(\frac{1}{|x|^\mu}\ast F(u))f(u)+|u|^{2^\ast_s-2}u$$ where $\varepsilon>0$ is a parameter, $s\in(0,1),$ $N>2s,$ $2^*_s=\frac{2N}{N-2s}$ and $0<\mu<\min{2s,N-2s}$. Under suitable assumption on $V$ and $f$, we prove this problem has a nontrivial nonnegative ground state solution. Moreover, we relate the number of nontrivial nonnegative solutions with the topology of the set where the potential attains its minimum values and their’s concentration behavior.